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The history of the collaboration between ION Precision and Hartech Automation.

How our mechanical and electrical minds work together.

Our working relationship…

ION Precision and Hartech Automation have been collaborating on various types of precision engineering and special purpose machinery projects for the better part of 20 years now. To celebrate this huge business milestone, we thought it was a good time to share some of our recent ventures, starting with the background of the ION and Hartech relationship.

Where it all began

Over 20 years ago, ION Precision (then PTSM) and Hartech Automation were introduced through a mutual client. Initially, ION required some specialist electrical engineering assistance for some fixtures and Hartech were recommended. After this first collaboration, the rest is pretty much history. We both soon realised that we could assist each other on a regular basis to ensure that our clients received the best possible solution to their needs.

When do we work together?

ION and Hartech generally always have something on the go these days. With the working relationship growing from strength to strength over the last two decades, we have learnt how to utilise each other in the best possible way for our clients.

With ION specialising in bespoke CNC machining and mechanical engineering and Hartech in electrical engineering, we have learnt to know the full capabilities of our companies to ensure the client always gets the result they need.

As both companies are based and well-known within the North East, our partnership is sometimes assumed but we have and will travel further afield to continue offering the best possible service to our customer base.

How do we work together?

With many of our collaborations being within the automotive sector, we have built up a strong working relationship with our regular clients over the last 20 years. We have also worked within Power generation and hygienic production in the past too… there is no limit to our collaborative engineering minds.

The original master minds were both Managing Directors; Stephen Metcalfe for ION and Mark Hardy for Hartech. As each company is growing and the shared projects are getting more frequent, the collaborations now tend to filter down to most team members.

The future…

Our relationship is continuing to grow, as is our joint customer base. We will be starting to share some of our recent collaborations across our social media channels and within our news page on our website. To make sure you don’t miss out and keep up to date with all the latest information, please follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.